Moon Falls

May 27, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: South of Parry Sound

Height: 30

Crest: 50

Water Source: Moon River

Waypoint: 45.104789N 79.922791W

Summary: Moon Falls is a wild waterfall reachable by a short canoe trip. This is by no means a large waterfall, but its remoteness and pristine condition make for a great adventure.

Moon Falls is located on the Moon River, less than 10km from the rivers outlet on the Georgian Bay. This is a remote waterfall that is most easily reached by canoe. This is a wild waterfall with no fences, and no dams.

Reaching the falls is a bit of an adventure. The falls is about 15km west of where Hwy 400 crosses the Moon River. One way to visit the falls is to hop in a canoe at Hwy 400 and canoe downstream. A description of this trip can be found at Canadian Canoe Routes. If you are looking for a short canoe trip, you can rent a canoe at the Moon River Cottages. From here it is about a 2.5 km upstream paddle to the falls. About half of this is crossing the lake. To reach the Moon River Cottages, take 12 Mile Bay Road from Hwy 400 for about 12km. This is a paved road. Take a right onto Harrison Trail, and follow the signs. The dirt road to the cottages is narrow winding, and slow.

The falls consists of an upper drop that is about 15 feet high, and is divided into two channels. Below this is a long, low cascade. There is a portage on the north side of the river, and a campsite on the south side of the falls.

The Moon River is one of the outlets of Lake Muskoka. The waters that flow over Ragged Falls, Muskoka Falls, Bracebridge Falls, Wilson Falls and Muskoka High Falls may make their way to Moon Falls.

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The Muskoka region is full of waterfalls, although unlike Moon Falls, many of them have been compromised by dams. Twin Rapids is a couple kilometers upstream of Moon Falls. Whites Falls is the closest falls reachable by car, but it has a dam on it. Rosseau Falls is about 60km away by car. The many falls in Bracebridge are about 70km away.

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