Wilson's Falls

May 27, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: Bracebridge

Height: 10m

Crest: 16m

Water Source: North Branch Muskoka River

Waypoint: 45.061N 79.31W

Summary: Wilson's Falls is the wildest, and in my opinion, most scenic of the three main drops on the North Branch of the Muskoka River. There is a dam here, but it is quite unobtrusive as dams go.

Wilson's Falls is located on the north branch of the Muskoka River between Bracebridge Falls and High Falls. This is the wildest, and most scenic of the three falls. The river takes an S-curve here as it tumbles down a long cascade. The final few drops are all 2-3m feet high. The total drop must be around 10m.

The river widens out below the falls, so the only heads on view from land is about 30m from the falls. To get close to the falls, get on the Wilson's Falls Trail. This trail crosses the river above the falls. Rough trails follow the river down to the falls on both sides of the river. There are lots of nice spots along the way to view the falls.

Wilson's Falls is located at the end of Wilson's Falls road. To reach the falls from Bracebridge Falls head northeast on Manitoba Street, and take a right onto Taylor street. Take a left onto River Street just after crossing the tracks. This becomes Wilson's Falls road after about 1/2 km. There is a parking area by the falls from which you can get a nice distant view of the falls. If you continue to the end of the road there is a parking area for the trailhead.

There is a dam here just to the left of the falls. Water is diverted well above the falls, leaving the main flow of the river relatively unspoiled. The spillage from the dam forms a second waterfall.

The second time I visited the falls they were working on the dam, and the river was not being diverted at all It also had been raining, and the falls were roaring. The only downside was the day was very grey, and the photos are a bit drab.

[Lake Huron] Nearby Falls

The Muskoka region is full of waterfalls, although many of them have been all but obliterated by dams. Bracebridge claims 22 falls, but that is a generous count in my opinion. The larger High Falls is about 10 kilometers upstream, and Bracebridge Falls is a few kilometers downstream. Muskoka Falls can be found on the south branch of the Muskoka River just south of Bracebridge.

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