Bracebridge Falls

May 27, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: Bracebridge

Height: 30?

Crest: 40?

Water Source: North Branch Muskoka River

Waypoint: 45.038475N 79.30800W

Summary: Another big, partially dammed, easily visited falls in the Bracebridge area. This is the most urban of the Bracebridge Falls.

Bracebridge Falls is the last drop on the north branch of the Muskoka River before its joins up with the south branch. The Muskoka is a good sized river and this is a big waterfall, but like all the others in the area it has been partially dammed. A dam extends across most of the river, but some of the water spills over a natural rock face. There is also a smaller drop a few hundred meters upstream, which also has a dam built on it.

The falls are located in downtown Bracebridge. Ecclestone Drive crosses the Muskoka just above the falls. There is a parking area by the corner of Ecclestone and Entrance Drive from where you can access some walking paths that lead to the falls. You can reach either side of the falls by walking across the dam.

If you continue south on Ecclestone you will find a small roadside overlook that gives you a nice distant view of the falls.

Looking at the shape of the falls, it is not clear what it would have looked without the dam. The "natural" part of the falls looks like it is higher than the dammed part, so it might be the case that the dam actually increased the height of the falls.

[Lake Huron] Nearby Falls

The Muskoka region is full of waterfalls, although many of them have been all but obliterated by dams. Bracebridge claims 22 falls, but that is a generous count in my opinion. The much wilder Wilson Falls is a few miles upstream, and Muskoka High Falls is a few more miles beyond that. Muskoka Falls is a few miles to the south on the south branch of the Muskoka River.

Photo Gallery

The Upper Falls

View from roadside overlook

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