WaterFalls of Muskoka

[Central Ontario]
High Falls Moon Falls Whites Falls Ragged Falls Skeleton Falls Rosseau Falls Wilsons Falls Bracebridge Falls Muskoka Falls Bala Falls Trethewey Falls May Chutes Slater Falls Crozier Falls Marshs Falls Stubb's Falls High Falls Peterson Falls

The Muskoka District is a scenic area of Ontario a couple hours north of Toronto. It is a land of many lakes, and many many cottages. Some of the cottages are the multi-millionaire getaways of the rich and famous, but most are summer escapes for folks in Toronto.

One of the reasons this is cottage country is that the land is too rough and rocky for farming. This rocky landscape is responsible for many waterfalls. Unfortunately, from a scenic point of view, most of the big waterfalls in this area have been harnessed for hydro electric power, and in some cases the falls have been completely obliterated. Many other waterfalls are on private cottage land. Most of the falls in the lower right portion of the map belong in this category, but they can be visited by canoe.

Good, free GIS data is not easy to find for Canada. Some of the roads and rivers in the above map are in the wrong place relative to the waterfalls. Skeleton Falls is actually north of Highway 141, and Ragged Falls is north of Highway 60. Wilson's Falls should be on the north branch of the Muskoka, between Bracebridge Falls and High Falls.

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