Lower Rosseau Falls

May 27, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: East of Rosseau

Height: 30?

Crest: 15

Water Source: Rosseau River

Waypoint: 45.232138N 79.595261W

Summary: The Rosseau River tumbles down a long slide as it enters Rosseau Lake. This waterfalls is one of several smaller, but wilder waterfalls to be found in the eastern part of Muskoka, and one of the best examples of a waterfall on the inlet of one of Muskoka's many lakes.

Lower Rosseau Falls is located at the end of the Rosseau River where it enters Rosseau Lake. Over a distance of about 100 meters the river slides down the rocky Canadian shield over a series of drops. None of the individual drops are over ten feet, but the total drop must be around 30 feet. You can walk alongside the west side of the falls and view it from many different angles. There is a cottage on the lake on the east side of the bottom of the falls, but otherwise the area appeared to be open to the public.

The falls are just below the bridge on Rosseau Lake Road 3 over the Rosseau River. Rosseau Lake Road 3 is the westernmost of the three Rosseau Lake Roads. The bridge is about 1 km from Highway 141. Rosseau Lake Road 3 is about 7 km east of Rosseau.

[Lake Huron] [Muskoka] Nearby Falls

Upper Rosseau Falls is a kilometre upstream where Highway 141 crosses the Rosseau River. Skeleton Falls is about 8km to the east on Highway 141. The many falls in Bracebridge are another 12km beyond that. Moon Falls is 50km to the southwest.

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Looking down towards the lake

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