Ragged Falls

May 28, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: Northeast of Huntsville, just outside of Algonquin Provincial Park

Height: 80?

Crest: 15

Water Source: Oxtongue River

Waypoint: 45.39N 78.906W

Summary: Ragged Falls is an easy to visit wild waterfall just outside of Algonquin Provincial Park. Definitely worth a stop if you are heading towards Algonquin, and a worthwhile destination all by itself.

Ragged Falls is located on the Oxtongue River just outside of Algonquin Provincial Park in Oxtongue River/Ragged Falls Provincial Park. This is a wild waterfall, and unlike its many neighbors in the Muskoka Region it has not been dammed or diverted in any way. A well groomed trail leads to a nice overlook of the falls. A chain link fence along the gorge walls is the only thing that takes away from the wildness of the area.

The falls is a steep cascade that is somewhat 'S' shaped. You can climb along the rocks alongside the falls, and it is easy to get to the base and to the top of the falls. The view from the bottom is particularly impressive.

The Oxtongue River flows out of Algonquin Provincial Park and eventually into the Lake of Bays, which is the source of the South Branch of the Muskoka River. The Muskoka eventually reaches Lake Huron by means of Moon River.

Oxtongue River is primarily a waterway park. The Ragged Falls section consists of a small parking area just off of Hwy 60 and the trails to the falls. There is a fee to park.

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There are a lot of waterfalls in this area. Gravel Chute is upstream of Ragged Falls and Marsh's Falls is downstream. There are many waterfalls in Algonquin Provincial Park, but most of the bigger ones are on the eastern side of the park. Bracebridge Falls. Muskoka Falls, Muskoka High Falls and others can all be found near Bracebridge.

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View from the Top

View from the Bottom

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