Skeleton Falls

May 27, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: Parry Sound District

Height: 4m

Crest: 8m

Water Source: Skeleton River

Waypoint: 45.22N 79.539W

Summary: Skeleton Falls is a small hidden waterfall just off of Highway 141. If you want to see a waterfall in the Muskoka region that has no dam, and are willing to make a short but steep climb down into a gorge, stop on by.

Skeleton Falls is located on the Skeleton River, along Highway 141. Despite being only a hundred meters from the road, you will not see it unless you get out of your car. The Skeleton River has cut out a deep gorge, and the road skirts the south side of the gorge far above the falls. There is no official trail or parking area to the falls, and no signs. It is not a big waterfall, but its wild and pristine nature make it worth a visit.

The falls are located a short distance east of Neil Bethune Road, a dirt road on the south side of Highway 141. I did not see any safe place to park along the highway, so parked on the dirt road instead. You could descend into the gorge from any point on the north side of the road, but there is a rough trail that leads right to the brink of the falls. This is located past the guard rails roughly where Highway 141 starts curving to the south. There is a drainage ditch here. The "trail" is just beyond the drainage ditch. You can hear the falls and other rapids from the road once you are out of your car.

There were a lot of mosquitos in the Skeleton River gorge. I mean a lot of mosquitos. I think the Skeleton River was so named because skeletons are all the mosquitos leave behind.

I do not have the exact GPS coordinates for the falls, but here is the approximate location, courtesy of Google Maps.

These falls are also known as Minnehaha Falls.

[Lake Huron] [Muskoka] Nearby Falls

The Muskoka region is full of waterfalls, although unlike Skeleton Falls, many of them have been compromised by dams. Upstream of Skeleton Falls you can find the larger, but equally wild and much easier to visit Hatchery Falls. The Upper and Lower Rosseau Falls are about 8km to the west on 141. The many falls in Bracebridge are about 12 km to the east.

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Trail down to falls

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