Upper Rosseau Falls

May 27, 2007

Province: Ontario

Location: East of Rosseau

Height: 30?

Crest: 25?

Water Source: Rosseau River

Waypoint: 45.2390N 79.5840W

Summary: Upper Rosseau Falls is a medium sized roadside falls in Muskoka District. It is very easy to visit, and close to many other waterfalls. It may get a bit thin in the summer.

Upper Rosseau Falls is located on Highway 141 about 7 km east of Rosseau. This is much steeper than the lower falls, but not as interesting in my opinion. The falls is on the south side of the highway. There is a small roadside park on the north side. The park consists of little more than a parking area. You can see the top of the falls from the road, and a rapids above the falls.

At on time you could follow a trail down to the base of the falls, but last time I was there it was posted. Now if you want to get a full view of the falls you will need a canoe.

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Upper Rosseau Falls is a kilometre downstream. It can be reached from Rosseau Lake Road 3, which is about 1 km west of the Upper Falls. Skeleton Falls is about 8km to the east on Highway 141. The many falls in Bracebridge are another 12km beyond that. Moon Falls is 50km to the southwest.

Photo Gallery

View from the road

Rapids above the falls

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