Hatchery Falls

May, 2011

Province: Ontario

Location: Parry Sound District

Height: 7m

Crest: 3m

Water Source: Skeleton River

Waypoint: 45.22306N 79.51611W

Summary: A wild and scenic slide falls reached by a short walk through the woods. This is the best of the several waterfalls near Lake Rosseau.

Hatchery Falls is a 7m high slide on the Skeleton River. This is one of the few falls in the area that manages to combine all of the following positive attributes: it is undammed, located in a wild setting, and easy to reach. The falls is located in Fish Hatchery Park, which is located at the outlet of Skeleton Lake. The actual fish hatchery is closed. The park consists of a picnic area and a couple of interpretive trails, one of which leads to the falls.

This is a wild waterfall, with no fences or railings. It is about a 20 minute walk to the falls on an easy trail. Getting to the bottom of the falls will require a little bit of scrambling, but otherwise it is a simple hike. Viewing opportunities are limited due to nature of the falls and the tree cover.

To reach the falls from Highway 141, simply head north on Fish Hatchery Road. Fish Hatchery Road is less than a kilometer west of Ullswater. Head north for about a kilometre, and the park will be on your left. Take the trail that heads downstream into the woods, and you will soon be at the falls.

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A few kilometres downstream you can find the wilder and smaller Skeleton Falls. The Upper and Lower Rosseau Falls are about 10km to the west on 141. The many falls in Bracebridge are about 10 km to the east.

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