Akron Falls

September 2006

State: New York

Location: Akron

Height: 40

Crest: varies

Water Source: Murder Creek

Waypoint: 43.02N 78.51W

Summary: An interesting and easy to visit waterfall, located in a waterfall rich part of New York state. This waterfall can get pretty thin in dry weather, so like many others it is probably best visited in the spring or after a rainy spell.

Akron Falls is located in Akron New York. It is the centerpiece and namesake of Akron Falls Park. This is a large park with ball fields, picnic areas and shelters, and it is quite popular in summer months. The park is easy to find. It is just north of the Route 5/Route 93 junction.

Akron Falls is a complicated waterfall whose appearance depends greatly on the amount of water. There are three distinct parts to the falls. On the right side, facing the falls, the creek plummets 40 or so feet straight down. In the middle section, the creek comes out of the rocks about 20 feet up. The left most part of the falls is a rocky cascade. In lower water, the 40 foot drop dries up.

There is a trail into the gorge that leads to a viewing area. To get a really good look at the falls you need to walk up the creek. You can also view the falls from above, but you cannot see that much.

The falls is located on Murder Creek. The story behind the name of the creek can be found here.

Akron Falls faces west. In the morning the sun is right behind it, making photography difficult. If you worry about such things, you probably should visit this waterfall later in the day.

[New York] Nearby Falls

There are a lot of waterfalls in this area. Niagara Falls is 40 miles to the west. Along the way you will pass Glen Falls in Williamsville. The High Falls in Rochester are 60 miles to the east, and if you take the scenic route you can visit three other falls along the way, such as Medina Falls. Warsaw Falls is about 40 miles to the south, and Letchworth State Park is another 20 minutes beyond that.

Photo Gallery

The cascades on the left

View from above

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