Warsaw Falls

May 2010

State: New York

Location: Warsaw

Height: 80'?

Crest: 10'

Water Source: Stony Creek

Waypoint: 42.7324N 78.152W

Summary: This relatively wild waterfall is near Letchworth State Park, and is worth a visit on your way to or from the park.

Warsaw Falls is in Warsaw, New York. I do not actually know the "official" name of the falls, but Warsaw Falls works for me. This is a very impressive waterfall that has been left almost entirely wild.

From downtown Warsaw head west on NY 20A. Take a left (south) on Liberty Street, and drive two blocks. There is a park on the right. Park on the southern end of the park. There is a trail up the hill. In the winter, this is a sledding hill. A short way up the hill you should see trails to the left that take you to the gorge. You can then walk up to the base of the falls. The hike is about a mile long, and the only trail is the creek bed. There are a couple of small drops that you have to scramble up, but it is a pretty easy hike. The view from the base of the falls is very lovely.

You can continue up the hill, and follow the rim of the gorge. After a mile, you reach a railroad track that is just above the falls. You easily can cross to the other side here for good views of the falls.

I first visited this falls in the winter when it was mostly frozen over. The second time I visited was on a beautiful day in September. Unfortunately I had ruined my camera the day before, and had to rely on a disposable camera. On my third visit the weather was lovely and my camera was working.

Nearby Falls

The Cascades of Attica is 10 miles to the north west. Letchworth State Park and its waterfalls are less than 20 miles away.

Other Websites

naturalhighs.net has some more information about the falls and some pictures of it in the spring.

Photo Gallery

January 2003, view from rim

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