Medina Falls

September 2006

State: New York

Location: Medina, Orleans County

Height: 40

Crest: 50+

Water Source: Oak Orchard Creek

Waypoint: 43.222382N 78.382816W

Summary: Medina Falls is an easy to visit good sized waterfall located between the Rochester Falls and Niagara Falls. In addition you can get a good look at one of the engineering marvels of the Erie Canal.

Medina Falls is located in Medina New York, which is about half way between Niagara Falls and Rochester. Old Orchard Creek tumbles off the Niagara Escarpment here, creating an impressive waterfall, especially when the water is high. In addition to this natural marvel, just upstream of the falls Old Orchard Creek flows under the Erie Canal. The sight of a bridge that essentially carries one river over another is interesting, to say the least.

The falls is easily seen from the tow path on the north side of the canal. The tow path is at least 40 feet above the falls. It is possible to get to the crest of the falls. It is not hard to spot the trails people use to get there. Some steep trails lead down into the gorge and you probably can get to the base of the falls if you try hard enough.

Medina is located at the intersection of Route 31 and Route 63 about 15 miles north of Interstate 90, and about 5 miles south of Route 104. It is easy to find the falls from town. From downtown head east on Route 31 (Center Street). Take a left on to State Street, and then the first left across the one lane bridge over the canal. A trailhead with a small parking area will be on your left. Walk down the tow path west for a few hundred feet an you will see the falls.

Medina, like Holley, was one of the locations where Lake Tonawanda drained over the Niagara Escarpment.

Here is a movie of Medina Falls taken from the tow path.

Nearby Falls

The Onondaga and Niagara Escarpment are responsible for a number of waterfalls in this area. An hour to the west you will find Niagara Falls. An hour to the east you will find the High Falls in Rochester. Within an hours drive you will find Akron Falls, Clarendon Falls, Holley Canal Falls and others.

Photo Gallery

View From Tow Path

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