Rochester High Falls

September 2006

State: New York

Location: Rochester

Height: 100

Crest: 200?

Water Source: Genesee River

Waypoint: 43.1615N 77.6135W

Summary: This is a large and impressive urban waterfall, set amid old industrial buildings and crowned with a railroad bridge. Easy to visit and a bit different from all those waterfalls far from the madding crowd.

This waterfall is right in the middle of downtown Rochester. It can be easily viewed from the Pont du Rennes pedestrian bridge. It is interesting to see such a large waterfall in such an urban setting. Finding it will be no problem.

This is one of five major waterfalls on the Genesee river. One of the others is the nearby Lower Falls. The other three are in Letchworth State Park.

Here is a satellite view of the Rochester High Falls courtesy of Google Maps.

Here is a short movie of the falls with train going by.

Nearby Falls

The Lower Falls are a short distance downstream. There is also a Middle Falls in Rochester, but it is largely obstructed by a dam and there are no good viewing areas. Holley Canal Falls and Clarendon Falls are both 25 miles to the west.

Photo Gallery

January 2004

January 2004

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