Lower Silver Falls

September 2011

Province: Ontario

Location: Wawa

Height: 10m(?)

Crest: 15m(?)

Water Source: Magpie River

Waypoint: 46.794N 88.3365W

Summary: Not as pretty as the middle Silver Falls, but there is no reason not to check out the lower falls when visiting the middle falls.

Silver Falls is a series of three falls. The Falls are a few miles south of Wawa. Just past the parking area, or the end of trail from High Falls, there is a bridge that crosses the river. From there you get a nice distant view of the Middle Falls. The Lower Falls are just downstream of the bridge. You can climb down the rocks of the Lower Falls.

[Lake Superior] [Lake Superior Provincial Park] Nearby Falls

The Middle Silver Falls are just a few hundred yards away. High Falls is a two hour hike, or a short drive away. The Sand River Falls, Gargantua Falls, Baldhead River Falls and Agawa Falls are in nearby Lake Superior Provincial Park.

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August 2002

September 2011

September 2011

August 2002

September 2011

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