Baldhead River Falls

Left Fork, May 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: Lake Superior Provincial Park

Height: Several drops of 10-15 feet


Water Source: Baldhead River

Waypoint: 47.49N 84.835W

Summary: Another wild waterfall in Lake Superior Provincial park. This one is easier to get to then Gargantua Falls and much easier to reach than Agawa Falls, but is not as impressive as either. A nice hike, but if you just want to see waterfalls, your time may be better spent elsewhere.

The Baldhead River Falls are in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The falls are one of the sights on the Orphan Lake Trail. The hike to the falls will take 1 1/2 to 2 hours one way. It is a winding trail through the woods with lots of ups and downs, and some nice views of rocky cliffs. You might also encounter bear on the trail. Something definitely growled at me.

This is a complicated waterfall, and it is impossible to see all of it at once. It consists of several drops in the 10-15 foot range spread across a couple of hundred feet. There is also an island in the middle, which divides the falls into a left and right fork. At the top of the falls, the river splits separated by large boulders. It then rejoins before being split by the island.

The trail leads down to the rocks in the middle of the left fork of the falls. To see the right fork, continue down the trail and across the bridge. You can then work up the left fork and across the island to see the right fork.

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The Agawa Falls, Gargantua Falls, and the Sand River Falls are also in Lake Superior Provincial Park. The High Falls and Silver Falls are in nearby Wawa. The Chippewa Falls are south of the park along Highway 17.

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