Middle Silver Falls

August 2002

Province: Ontario

Location: Wawa

Height: 25?

Crest: 10-30?

Water Source: Magpie River

Waypoint: 47.9411N 84.8301W

Summary: This is a very pretty waterfall, and is flanked by an upper and lower falls. It can be easily driven to. It can also be the reward at the end of a long hike from High Falls. Definitely visit this one if you go to the Lake Superior Provincial park area.

Silver Falls is a series of three falls. The Falls are a few miles south of Wawa. The middle falls is the most scenic of the three.

To reach the falls from Hwy 17, turn on to Michipicoten River Village Road (that will be a left turn if you are heading north, and a right turn if you are heading south). From there, there are signs that will lead you to the falls. The total distance is about 2 miles, and all but the last hundred feet or so of the road is paved. You can also reach Silver Falls by hiking the Magpie Voyageur Trail from Scenic High Falls

Just past the parking area, or the end of trail from High Falls, there is a bridge that crosses the river. From there you get a nice distant view of the Middle Falls. The Lower Falls are just downstream.

You can approach the Middle Falls by going around the "lake" to the left, and then climb right up into the small gorge. There is also a marked trail that leads you to the falls. You can get right on top of the falls.

Old, no longer maintained trails continue to the Upper falls. The Upper Falls consists of several different small falls, which are the result of the river going around a couple of small islands. You can hop across the streams and get onto the islands. It was hard to get a good view of the upper falls. Just above the upper falls is a dam.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

The Lower Silver Falls are just a few hundred yards away. High Falls is a two hour hike, or a short drive away. The Sand River Falls and Agawa Falls are in nearby Lake Superior Provincial Park.

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