Chedoke Falls

April 2006

Province: Ontario

Location: Hamilton

Height: 50?

Crest: 10?

Water Source: Chedoke Creek

Waypoint: 43.24182N 79.90062W

Summary: A suprisingly large and "wild" urban waterfall located on the Niagara Escarpment in Hamilton Ontario. Despite being in the middle of a city, accessing it is not easy.

Chedoke Falls is located in Hamilton Ontario, where Chedoke Creek falls off the Niagara Escarpment. Above the falls is a residential area, and below the gorge is a golf course. However the gorge created by the falls remains as a little slice of wildness in an otherwise urban/suburban setting.

Above the falls the creek has been confined to an underground channel, and the culvert the creek emerges from just above the falls is clearly visible from the gorge. This detracts from the wild feel of the area, but it is still interesting visually. It helps that this culvert has some class, being large and arched, as opposed to some of the other "culvert" falls in the area. The creek runs wild through the gorge, tumbling over a second smaller falls and a series of cascades before being forced back underground to accommodate the golf course.

A rather limited view of the falls is available from Scenic Drive. If you really want to see the falls you need to get into the gorge and this will be a bit of an adventure. There is a rough, and very steep trail, that descends the west side of the gorge. I personally would not recommend descending this trail. The longer, and safer (but not necessarily safe) approach is to start at the Chedoke Radial Trail and work your way up the gorge. You have to get over the lower falls, which is not easy, and clamber over a few rocks. It is a good workout. The Chedoke Radial trail can be accessed at the end of Dundurn street. Head east on the trail, and you will soon reach Chedoke Creek. Several other seasonal waterfalls can be seen from the Chedoke Radial Trail.

There is a second waterfall next to Chedoke Falls. I have seen this called "Chedoke Falls East" and "Denlow Falls". This is another culvert falls, and from the look of it, the falls only exists because they decided to send a drainage pipe into the gorge.

Here is a short movie of Chedoke Falls. From this angle you could easily mistake it for a true wild waterfall.

For a different reason to visit Chedoke Falls, see the Vanishing Point, a site dedicated to the exploration of drains in Ontario. You may want to read their description before walking up Chedoke Creek to see the falls. Chedoke Creek has been turned into a storm drain above the falls, but illegal untreated sanitary drains empty into the storm drain resulting in some very unsanitary water, especially if there has not been any rain for awhile.

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