Webster Falls

July 2002

Province: Ontario

Location: Near Hamilton

Height: 76

Crest: 116

Water Source: Spencer Creek

Waypoint: 43.2764N 79.981W

Summary: An impressive and easy to visit waterfall. This is the most scenic and reliable waterfall in the Hamilton area, and the one to visit if you are in Hamilton, or heading towards or from Niagara.

Webster's Falls is in the Spencer Gorge/Webster's Falls Conservation Area. It is a very picturesque waterfall. It is one of the many waterfalls found on the Niagara Escarpment.

The waterfall is in the middle of a small park. It is short walk from the parking area to the falls. The Bruce Trail heads down into the gorge via a stairway and you can easily reach the base of the falls. You can even walk behind them if you want and are somewhat foolhardy.

The Bruce Trail continues downstream, and it is worth taking some time to explore. The next 1/2 mile of Spencer Creek is one long cascade. This is also the way to go if you want to reach the base of Tews Falls.

To reach Webster Falls from the 403, exit at Hwy 6 and head north for 3km. Turn left onto Hwy 5 and travel another 4km. Take a left onto Sydenham Road. Sydenham takes a sharp right, and then a not so sharp left. Do not take the left turn, and continue straight (west) onto Harvest Road. You will cross an intersection. The parking area for Tews Falls is just beyond it on the left. Just beyond that is Short Rd. Take a left here. I do not remember seeing a sign for the falls for west bound traffic. There is one for east bound traffic.

Here is a short movie of Webster Falls in Winter. There had been a thaw a few days earlier but then temperatures had plummeted below freezing.

Webster's Falls shows up in the Sci-Fi movie "Descent", playing the role of an anonymous waterfall in the Pacific Northwest. A river of lava pours over the falls nearly killing the star of the movie, Luke Perry. :)

[Hamilton Area] Nearby Falls

From Webster Falls you can hike up the Bruce Trail a mile or so to the top of Tews Falls, or you can head downstream to reach the base of Tews Falls. There are a large number of waterfalls in the Hamilton area, and Webster Falls is a good starting point from which to visit them all. Beamer Falls and Balls Falls are 30 minutes to the east.

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