Brandywine Falls

May, 2004

State: Ohio

Location: Cuyahoga Valley National Park

Height: 60

Crest: 15?

Water Source: Brandywine Creek

Waypoint: 41.27694N 81.53833W

Summary: This is a very scenic and easy to visit waterfall. It is one of the highlights of Cuyahoga Valley National Park, and the most impressive waterfall in the Lake Erie Watershed.

Brandywine Falls is in Cuyahoga Valley National Park. This is one of the newest national parks, located just south of Cleveland. The area is well inhabited, but the park still contains many interesting natural sites.

The falls can be reached from Brandywine Road. A map of the park is available at the parks website. You can also pick them up any place that has tourist brochures. There is a parking area and a trail and board walk to the base and the top of the falls. You can cross over to the north side of the gorge, but the views are not as good there.

Here is a 5 second movie of Brandywine Falls.

[Cleveland Area] Nearby Falls

The smaller Blue Hen Falls and Buttermilk Falls are also in the park. The even smaller Bridal Veil Falls is in the adjoining Bedford Reservation Cleveland Metropark. There are a surprising (to me anyway) number of waterfalls in the Cleveland area. The following are all also within 30 miles of Cleveland: East Falls, West Falls, Mill Creek Falls and Chagrin Falls. Brandywine Falls is the most scenic of the bunch.

Photo Gallery

May 2004

May 2004

Low Water September 2004

In the Gorge July 2005

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