Mill Creek Falls

May, 2004

State: Ohio

Location: Cleveland

Height: 45

Crest: 50?

Water Source: Mill Creek

Waypoint: 41.44528N 81.62528W

Summary: An urban waterfall located within the city limits of Cleveland.

Mill Creek Falls, also known as Cataract Falls of Mill Creek, is hidden away in the city limits of Cleveland. There is a small park and history center at the falls. In 2004 there was only a single observation deck near the brink of the falls from which you can get a partial view of the falls. In 2005 they had added another observation area farther downstream from which you can get a heads on view of the falls. Unfortunately when I visited in 2005 there was little water and bad lighting.

I have seen pictures taken from the gorge. Getting into the gorge looks doable but I am not exactly sure how you would do it.

This waterfall was apparently "moved". I am not sure exactly what that means, but apparently the railroads diverted the stream around 1905, probably sending the stream into a different part of the gorge. Looking at the falls now it is not clear what happened here 100 years ago.

The falls can be reached off of Warner Rd. The one way roads make getting into and out of the area a little tricky. If you are willing to walk, park at Garfield Park Reservation and walk 1.5 miles to the falls.

This waterfall gets very thin in dry summers.

[Cleveland Area] Nearby Falls

The Cleveland area has a surprising number of waterfalls. Brandywine Falls and Buttermilk Falls are in the nearby Cuyahoga Valley National Park. The East Falls and West Falls of the Black River are 30 miles to the west. Paine Falls is 30 miles to the north. Chagrin Falls is about 30 miles to the east.

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Photo Gallery

View from Observation Deck

Best view before 2005

View from new lookout July 2005

Top of falls July 2005

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