Wiscoy Falls

May 2010

State: New York

Location: Wiscoy

Height: 35+' in two drops

Crest: 100'

Water Source: Wiscoy Creek

Waypoint: 42.5048N 78.0853W

Summary: An easy to visit roadside falls just south of Letchworth State Park. Considerably smaller than the falls in Letchworth, but it is still quite scenic and one you can get up close to.

Wiscoy Falls is located in Wiscoy, a small community near Rossburg New York, about 7 miles south of Portageville and Letchworth State Park. The waterfall can be seen from the bridge over Wiscoy Creek, but to really see the falls you need to take a short hike up the creek..

There are two main drops to the falls. The lower is about 15' high, and the upper is 25' high, with numerous smaller drops along the way. Above the falls is a dam. The lower drop is easily seen from the road, with the upper falls visible in the distance.

There are rough trails on both sides of the creek, but the trails on the north side take you closer to the falls. There is an old power plant on the south side where you can park. There is an even older looking building, possibly an old mill, on the north side.

Nearby Falls

The much larger Upper, Middle and Lower Falls are 8 miles to the north in Letchworth State Park, plus other smaller falls.

Photo Gallery

Upper Drop

Upper Drop

Lower Drop

Lower Drop

Both Drops

Upper Drop

Lower Drop

Lower Drop

Dam above falls

Upper Drop at Dusk

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