Middle Letchworth Falls

June 29, 2002

State: New York

Location: Letchworth State Park, in Wyoming County.

Height: 107'

Crest: 200'?

Water Source: Genesee River

Waypoint: 42.5827N 78.043W

Summary: Letchworth State Park is worth a trip all by itself, and each of the three falls on the Genesee River are must sees. The middle falls is the biggest of the three, and the easiest one to visit.

Letchworth State Park is in western New York, 40 miles south of Rochester and 50 miles south east of Buffalo. There is a lot to do and see at Letchworth State Park.

The Middle Falls are very impressive. They are the largest of the three main falls in the park, and very easy to visit. The lodge is right next to the falls. They light the falls up at night.

You can get some very nice distant views of the Middle Falls from Inspiration Point and from Trail #7 on the east side of the park. Trail #7 starts at and follows the path of an old canal and railway. You can get some fabulous views of the gorge from here, plus nice views of Deh-ga-ya-soh Fall. The trail sort of fades out in the vicinity of the Middle Falls. The area is apparently unstable and subject to slides. There are lots of signs warning you that various trails are closed and that the area is dangerous. It is a long way down, so be careful if you go exploring.

Here is a short movie of the falls taken in January on a cold day when the water levels were high.

Nearby Falls

The Upper Letchworth Falls are a short walk away. Just head towards the high railroad bridge. The Lower Letchworth Falls are about 2 miles downstream. It is a nice walk, but you can drive there if you wish. Deh-ga-ya-soh Falls falls into the gorge a short distance downstream, but you have to be on the other side of the gorge to get a good view of it.

Winter Gallery

Summer Photo Gallery

Middle Letchworth Middle Letchworth
Middle Letchworth View from Inspiration Point
View from Inspiration Point, September 2003
View from Trail #7
View from Trail #7, May 2010
Middle Letchworth

Cloudy Day September 2003
Falls Lit Up at Night
Falls Lit up at Night

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