Upper Letchworth Falls

June 29, 2002

State: New York

Location: Letchworth State Park, in Wyoming County.

Height: 71

Crest: 70

Water Source: Genesee River

Waypoint: 42.57859N 78.04862W

Summary: Letchworth State Park is worth a trip all by itself, and each of the three falls on the Genesee River are must sees. The upper falls is easy to visit, and very impressive.

Letchworth State Park is in western New York, 40 miles south of Rochester and 50 miles south east of Buffalo. There is a lot to do and see at Letchworth State Park.

The Upper Falls is just upstream of the Middle Falls. The paved trail follows the river, has a couple of really nice views of the falls, continues up until it reaches the top of the falls, and keeps climbing up to the road right beneath the railroad bridge. I have no idea if the Upper Falls can be approached from the other side of the gorge.

You can get onto the bridge. It is probably against the rules, but it does not seem to stop people . In days gone by the bridge was a wooden one and quite the marvel. Unfortunately it burned down in 1875.

Nearby Falls

The Middle Letchworth Falls are a short walk away. The Lower Letchworth Falls are 2 miles downstream. It is a nice walk, but you can drive there if you wish.

Winter Gallery

Summer Photo Gallery

View from the Bridge, August 2003

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