Siskiwit Falls

August 2011

State: Wisconsin

Location: Cornucopia

Height: 20' in 4+ drops

Crest: 15'

Water Source: Siskiwit River

Waypoint: 46.8554N 91.0928W

Summary: A series of low drops on the Siskiwit River. The drop visible from the bridge is not all that exciting, but more impressive drops can be found both up and down stream.

Siskiwit Falls is located in the town of Cornucopia on the Siskiwit River, less than mile before it empties into Lake Superior. The falls consist of a series of drops and slides. The largest is a slide with a height of about 10 feet. There are three others with drops between 2 and 5 feet.

The falls is located upstream and downstream of the bridge over the river on Siskiwit Falls Road. One of the smaller drops, a 3 foot ledge, is clearly visible from the bridge. A short trail leads from the bridge down to the brink of the falls. I think many people think this is all there is to Siskiwit Falls. Fortunately they are incorrect.

A 5 foot high slide is located just upstream around the corner. In August the water was spread very thinly over the rock. I imagine this drop is much more scenic with more water. Trails lead to the drop from the drop by the bridge, and directly from the road.

The best drop is located downstream of the bridge. On the east side of a bridge you will find a well trodden trail down to the river. This passes a number of small drops and rapids, another slide in the 5 foot range. The last, and best drop, is less than a 1/4 mile from the bridge. The trail continues a bit farther and ends at the river.

Finding this waterfall is very easy. Siskiwit Falls Road connects Hwy 13 and County Rd C, the two main roads to Cornucopia. The road is signed. The falls are not, but there is only one bridge on the road and the road is less than a mile in length.

Nearby Falls

The wilder and more scenic Lost Creek Falls is just a couple of miles away. Big Manitou Falls and Amnicon Falls are both within 70 miles to the west. Copper Falls State Park, Superior Falls, Potato Falls, Wren Falls and many other are within 70 miles to the south east.

Photo Gallery

The view from the bridge

The next drop upstream of the bridge

A slide downstream of the bridge

The big slide

The big slide

The big slide

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