Amnicon Falls

August 15, 2003

State: Wisconsin

Location: Amnicon Falls State Park

Height: 20

Crest: 10

Water Source: Amnicon River

Waypoint: 46.611N 91.8915W

Summary: The namesake of Amnicon Falls State Park. There are four waterfalls in the park, which is close to Highway 2. One of the many easy to visit falls on the Lake Superior Waterfall Tour.

Amnicon Falls is located in Wisconsin's Amnicon Falls State Park . There are four waterfalls here: the upper and lower Amnicon Falls, Snake Pit Falls and the seasonal Now and Then Falls.

The river has several small drops above Amnicon falls, and also forks to the left. Snake Pit Falls is on the left fork. The main drop of the Upper Falls is about 15 feet. You can swim in the plunge pool. The Lower Falls is a slide, roughly 15 feet high and 30 feet long. There is at most 100 yards between the two falls. An interesting old bridge crosses the river between the two falls.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

The Big and Little Manitou Falls are in nearby Pattison State Park. Amnicon Falls is part of the Lake Superior WaterFall Tour.

Photo Gallery

Lower Falls

Upper Falls

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