Lost Creek Falls

August 2011

State: Wisconsin

Location: Cornucopia

Height: 15'

Crest: 8'

Water Source: Lost Creek #1

Waypoint: 46.834185N 91.12056W

Summary: A small, but very scenic wild waterfall. Reached by a 2 mile hike through the woods.

Lost Creek Falls is a very scenic waterfall located in the woods south west of Cornucopia. The falls consists of an 8' plunge with a few feet of cascades above and below the plunge. You can walk behind the falls, which is not common for waterfalls around Lake Superior. There is a small 3' cascade a short distance downstream of the main waterfall.

Reaching the falls is straightforward. From Cornucopia head west on Hwy 13. Turn left (south) onto Klemik Road. This is a well maintained dirt road. Follow this for a mile, looking for a yellow gated trail on the left. This is the trailhead. The trail is an ATV trail, and for the most part is level and easy.

The trail crosses two bridges. The first is over Lost Creek #2. The trail then descends somewhat steeply down to the bridge over Lost Creek #1. It then curves and climbs back up the hill. A few hundred yards past the bridge there is a foot path on the right. This leads down to the falls. There is a nice open area at the base of the falls, with plenty of spots to take photos.

The falls was flowing nicely in August when I visited. I am not sure if this is typical. I was actually expecting the water to be much lower than it was. Spring of course is the best time to see the falls with lots of water.

The trail is lined with raspberries, thimbleberries, black berries, and more. If you visit at the right time of year, you will have plenty to snack on.

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