Robertson Creek Falls

May 2010

Province: Ontario

Location: Algoma District, north of Sault Ste Marie

Height: 20'

Crest: 20'

Water Source: Robertson Creek

Waypoint: 46.76812N 84.29343W

Summary: A scenic wild waterfall located in a deep gorge. The falls is only a few hundred feet from the road, but difficult to reach.

Robertson Creek Falls is a scenic falls located about 30km north of Sault Ste Marie. The falls is located on Robertson Creek about 1km from Robertson Lake, just a short distance off of Robertson Lake Road. Despite being close to a road and a population center, this is not an easy waterfall to visit. The road is over 100 feet above the waterfall, and it is a very steep scramble down to see the falls. There is no trail, and lots of potential to hurt yourself.

Downstream there is at least one more falls, with a drop of about 15 feet. There might well be more further downstream. Upstream a smaller creek flows into Robertson Creek. A small falls can be found on this creek.

To reach the falls from north bound Route 17, exit on to Old 17 (that is sign on the highway. Google Maps calls it Buttermilk Ski Hill Road). This is the first road north of Post Office Road. The road immediately curves to the left. Take the first right on to Robertson Lake Road. The first 3km of this road are paved. It then turns to gravel, with some steep hills and sharp turns, but it is still easily manageable by a regular car. After about 2km there is a pull off on the right. Park here. This is where the hard part begins. The waterfalls are down in the gorge to your right. The main falls is a bit upstream. There is no trail and no easy way down.

Nearby Falls

Beaver Falls is about 15km away as the crow flies, but the driving distance is probably twice that. Crystal Falls is back towards Sault Ste Marie. Chippewa Falls, Batchawana Falls and Pancake Falls are all within an hours drive to the north.

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Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Side Falls

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