Crystal Falls

August 11, 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: Hiawatha Highlands Park in Sault Ste. Marie

Height: 18m?

Crest: 2m

Water Source: Crystal Creek

Waypoint: 46.5905N 84.275W

Summary: This is a picturesque medium sized waterfall. It is easy to get to, and makes a nice stop if you happen to be driving by Sault Ste. Marie or as part of a Lake Superior Tour.

Crystal Falls is located in Hiawatha Highlands Park, also known as Kinsmen Park. The waterfall is about 50 feet high, and falls at roughly a 45 degree angle. It is hard to see all the waterfall at once, but you can clamber up along side to get different views. There is a bridge at the top of the waterfall that is part of the Voyageur Trail.

To reach the waterfall, head north out of Sault Ste. Marie on Hwy 17. Take a right onto Fifth Line Road. Drive about 2 miles. You will pass Landslide Road on your right, and Fifth Line will curve to the left. Just past this you will see the sign for Kinsmen park on your right. Look for the sign for Crystal Creek. You can drive almost to the base of the falls.

A few hundred yards downstream of the falls is a small lake that was created by a dam built on top of Minnehaha Falls, a second fall on Crystal Creek. The first drop of this falls is about 6 meters high. The creek then enters into a narrow gorge which has a number of small drops. The last drop is around 3 meters high. Water is diverted to a generating station, so Minnehaha Falls is not likely to have much water.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

Batchawana Falls and Chippewa Falls are both to the north off of Hwy 17.

Photo Gallery

A viewing platform halfway up

Slightly Higher Water in October 2003

The middle section of the falls

The Bridge at the Top

Above the Bridge

Bottom of Falls, March 2007

Falls Above Bridge, March 2007

Top of Minnehaha Falls, May 2010

Last drop of Minnehaha Falls, May 2010

Last Drop of Minnehaha Falls, March 2007

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