High Falls of the Pigeon River

August, 2003

State: Minnesota
Province: Ontario

Location: Grand Portage State Park/Pigeon River Provincial Park

Height: 120

Crest: ?

Water Source: Pigeon River

Waypoint: 48.00472N 89.59778W

Summary: This impressive and accessible waterfall on the U.S/Canada border is the highest waterfall in Minnesota. Definitely worth a visit.

The High Falls of the Pigeon River, also known as Pigeon Falls, is on the Minnesota/Ontario border, right off of Hwy 61. The Falls can be reached from Grand Portage State Park or Pigeon River Provincial park.

On the Minnesota side it is a short walk to the falls on a pathed trail. I was told the distance was similar from the Ontario side. My guess is that the views from the Ontario side are a little bit better.

Pigeon River Provincial Park has been reduced to a day use only park. The trail to the falls begins at the Ontario Information Center just across the border.

[Lake Superior] [North Shore] Nearby Falls

The Middle Falls of the Pigeon River are upstream. They can be hiked to from Grand Portage Park, or in Pigeon River Provincial Park. Devil's Kettle Falls, Upper Falls of the Brule River, the High Falls of the Baptism River, Cross River Falls, Gooseberry Falls, and the Temperance River Gorge are all along Minnesota's north shore.

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