Mink Creek Falls

September 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: 18 km west of Marthon, just off of Highway 17

Height: 35?

Crest: 80?

Water Source: Mink Creek

Waypoint: 48.7705N 86.5125W

Summary: This wild and scenic waterfall graces the brochures for Marathon Ontario. It is easy to visit, but easily overlooked if you do not know about it. A nice stop on the Lake Superior Circle Tour.

Mink Creek Falls is west of Marathon Ontario. Despite being featured on the town's brochures and travel guides, there are no signs or directions on how to get to the falls. They are fairly easy to find, but can be easily missed if you are not careful. The folks in town can give you directions.

This waterfall is fairly typical of Lake Superior Waterfalls. It actually reminds me of Wisconsin's Potato Falls and Michigan's Bond Falls. The main falls is divided into two segments by a tree topped rocky outcropping. There are small drops above and below the main falls.

Mink Creek Falls is about 17.4 miles west of Marathon on Highway 17. It is just before the road to Coldwell. There is a dirt parking area on the north side of the road. There are no signs for the falls. This is part of a snowmobile trail. The falls are on the south side of the road. There is an obvious trail on the other side that leads to the falls. It is a short 5 minute walk. You can reach the top and base of the falls. The trails continue downstream but I do not know if they lead anywhere interesting.

Here is some help from MapQuest. The "road" opposite the falls is the snowmobile trail. MapQuest includes a lot of roads that are no longer useable.

This is a short movie of Mink Creek Falls.

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