Rainbow Falls

August 12, 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: Rainbow Falls Provincial Park

Height: Several drops of 10-20'

Crest: Varies

Water Source: Whitesand River

Waypoint: 48.84498N 87.39935W

Summary: Another easily to visit waterfall along Hwy 17. It loses a lot of its power in late summer, but is still worth a visit.

This waterfall is a long cascade about 1/4 mile in length consisting of several drops in the 10-20 foot range. You cannot see all of it at once, but there is a trail that runs along the waterfall that gives you good views of the different sections. You can get right out onto the rocks in many places. There is a foot bridge that crosses the river. One of the larger drops is just above the bridge, and another just below it.

This waterfall is much more powerful and impressive in the spring. The water levels are much lower in late summer.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

Rainbow Falls is on the Casque Isles Hiking Trail, which is part of the Voyageur Trail. You could hike this trail to the east to Aguasabon Falls, assuming you wanted to take a day or two long hike. You could also drive there in less than an hour. Rainbow Falls is one of the many waterfalls in the Lake Superior Waterfall Tour.

Photo Gallery

The Falls just above the Bridge

The Falls below the Bridge

An upper section of the Falls

An upper section of the Falls

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