Mill Creek Falls

May 2009

State: West Virginia

Location: Ansted

Height: 20

Crest: 40

Water Source: Mill Creek

Waypoint: 38.1248N 81.1076W

Summary: A 20' drop on Mill Creek. Reachable by a mile hike or bike along a rail trail. You can also drive to it.

Mill Creek Falls is a 20' drop on Mill Creek, near Ansted West Virginia. There are numerous drops on Mill Creek as it makes it way down into the New River gorge, but this is the most significant. The waterfall is located about midway along a rail trail that leads from Ansted to the Hawks Nest State Park Marina. From either end of the trail, it is about a mile hike to the falls.

The trail leads to the brink of the falls. Getting into the gorge for a better view is not easy. This is also true if you drive to the falls along Hawks Nest Road, with the added difficulty that you have to find some place to park your car on the narrow road.

A fun way to visit the falls is to start at the Hawks Nest Resort and take the tram down to the river. From there it is a scenic mile hike to the falls. Along the way you will pass over an old trestle bridge, the foundations of an old water tower, and a side trail will take you to an old mine.

It was raining when I visited Mill Creek Falls, and had been raining for a couple of days. In drier times the falls will have much less water.

Nearby Falls

Cathedral Falls is 6 miles to the west on US 60. If you head west 3 miles to Chimney Corner, and then south on Route 16, you will find the seasonal falls on Laurel Creek.

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