Cathedral Falls

May 2009

State: West Virginia

Location: 1 mile east of Gauley Bridge

Height: 60+

Crest: 15?

Water Source: Cane Branch

Waypoint: 38.15444N 81.1788W

Summary: One of the highest and most scenic waterfalls in West Virginia. It is very easy to visit, being located right alongside US 60. Definitely worth a visit.

Cathedral Falls is one of West Virginia's highest and most scenic waterfalls. It is a steep cascade that falls into a natural ampitheatre. The ampitheatre is surely the reason the falls was named 'Cathedral'.

This is a very easy waterfall to visit. It is located in a small roadside park along US 60 about 1 mile east of Gauley Bridge. The falls is visible from the road, and the parking area, but much better views can be had if you take a short walk.

It was raining when I visited Cathedral Falls, and had been raining for a couple of days. In drier times the falls will have much less water.

There are some lights mounted on the gorge wall opposite the falls, so I assume the falls are sometimes illuminated at night.

Nearby Falls

The low wide Kanawha Falls is about 2 miles to the west on US 60. If you head east on US 60 for 6 miles, you will reach Hawks Nest State Park, where you can find Mill Creek Falls. If you head east 3 miles to Chimney Corner, and then south on Route 16, you will find the seasonal falls on Laurel Creek.

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