Laurel Creek Falls

May 2009

State: West Virginia

Location: Fayette County

Height: 25?, 10?

Crest: 10

Water Source: Laurel Creek

Waypoint: 38.1089N 81.1474W

Summary: A seasonal falls on Laurel Creek located right along Route 16. There are at least two drops, but there are not any good vantage points from which to view them.

Laurel Creek tumbles over at least two main drops on its way down into the New River Gorge. The last drop is at least 25' high, and in wet weather can be quite impressive. In dry weather the falls becomes a trickle. The pictures on this page show the falls after several days of rain. It is not clear in the photos, but the water was high enough to create two segments at the lower drop.

The falls is located alongside Route 16, just south of where it crosses the New River. Both drops are visible from the road if you are heading south, but there are no real places to park near the falls, especially for the upper drop. I do not if there is any way into the gorge for better views of the falls.

Nearby Falls

If you head north on Route 16 to US 60, you will find Cathedral Falls if you head east, and Mill Creek Falls if you head west. If you head south on Route 16 you can find Wolf Creek Falls, Marr Creek Falls and Fern Creek Falls can all be found by the New River Gorge bridge.

Photo Gallery

The upper drop

The creek above the lower drop

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