Deh-ga-ya-soh Falls

May 2010

State: New York

Location: Letchworth State Park

Height: 150

Crest: 10?

Water Source: Deh-ga-ya-soh Creek

Waypoint: 42.5857N 78.04W

Summary: The most reliable of the minor falls found in Letchworth State Park. The creek plunges more than 150 feet into the gorge a few hundred yards downstream of the Middle Falls.

Deh-ga-ya-soh Falls is the most rewarding of the minor falls in Letchworth State Park, due to the fact that is has water year round, and is easy to see in its entirety. Inspiration Falls, for example, is considerably higher, but only flows on very rare occasions. Wolf Creek Falls is higher, but much less steep and there is no vantage point from where you can really see it.

The falls is a few hundred yards downstream of the Middle Falls. The Deh-ga-ya-soh Creek falls into the west side of the gorge, dropping 150 feet in a series of plunges. The road through the park crosses the creek just above the falls and the falls are invisible from the road. To get a good view of the falls you have to visit the less frequented east side of the park and hike along Trail #7 (part of the Finger Lakes Trail System, and also part of the North Country Trail). About a half mile from the road some clearings along the cliffs give you a nice view of the falls. Be careful. There are no railings here and there is a sheer drop of over 200 feet. Nice views of the Middle Falls are also available from Trail #7.

The creek was named by Mr. Letchworth. It supposedly means "Nameless Spirit".

Nearby Falls

The Upper Falls, Middle Falls, and Lower Falls are all in the park, as well as a number of minor falls.

Photo Gallery

May 2010

Close up View, July 2002

Top Half

Bottom Half

Bridge above falls

Middle and Deh-ga-ya-soh Falls

January 2005

January 2005

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