Kakabeka Falls

August 14, 2003

Province: Ontario

Location: Kakabeka Falls, west of Thunder Bay

Height: 120

Crest: 200

Water Source: Kaministiquia River

Waypoint: 48.4028N 89.62588W

Summary: This is a very impressive waterfall and definitely worth a visit. A highlight of the Lake Superior Circle Tour.

Kakabeka Falls is in Kakabeka Falls Provincial Park, near the town of Kakabeka Falls, 25 kilometers west of Thunder Bay. This is the largest waterfall in the Lake Superior watershed, and is known as the "Niagara of the North", despite the fact that it is only at latitude 48 22' compared to Niagara's latitude of 43 6'. Kakabeka Falls is an impressive waterfall but there are many more impressive waterfalls even farther north. In particular the Northwest Territory's Lady Evelyn Falls, Alexandra Falls and Virginia Falls are each deserving of the title being as large or larger than Kakabeka Falls, and all being north of the 60th parallel.

Much of the water that used to go over this waterfall has been diverted for power generation. Despite that it is still very impressive. The pictures above and below are from a weekday. They increase the flow on weekends, and of course the flow is much higher during the spring runoff.

There are several viewing areas along either side of the falls. Getting into the gorge would be quite foolhardy and is prohibited. A nice distant view of the falls can be had from the Mountain Portage Trail. This trail connects with the Little Falls Trail which leads to Little Falls.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

The quaint Little Falls is a short hike from Kakabeka Falls. If you head 25 kilometers east to Thunder Bay, then Upper Wolf River Falls are 50 kilometers to the north, and the Middle Pigeon River Falls are 80 kilometers to the south.

Photo Gallery

The right half of the falls

The left half of the falls

Kakabeka in the Morning

Kakabeka in the Evening

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