Inglis Falls

April, 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: Owen Sound.

Height: 55

Crest: 30?

Water Source: Sydenham River

Waypoint: 44.52642N 80.93426W

Summary: This is a big impressive waterfall and definitely worth visiting if you are in the Owen Sound area. It is a 4 hour drive from Hamilton to Owen Sound, and in a day you could visit 10 or more waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment.

Inglis Falls is south of Owen Sound on Highway 6/10, in the Inglis Falls Conservation Area. Another nice map of the area can be found here. This waterfall is also on the Bruce Trail.

This is a well developed area with a parking lot right at the top of the falls. There used to be a large mill here, but it burned down years ago.

From the parking lot, you can reach the bottom of the gorge by heading down the trails to the left (facing downstream). There really is not a well defined trail, but it is not that hard to find a way down. There is a nice spot to the right at the base of the falls, but our first attempt to find a way down there failed. The gorge is very steep to the right. Just as we are about to give up, we noticed one of the locals appear down there. He showed us his way down, which involved some steep descents and some jumps from rock to rock, but it is a nice view. How do you get back up? Well, he climbed up the waterfall (see picture below). We went back the way we came. This was in June 2002. Had he tried this in April 2004, he would have been washed away.

An hour or so north of Inglis Fall is the Bruce Peninsula National Park. There are no waterfalls up there, but the final stretch of the Bruce Trail along the coast is truly spectacular.

[Niagara Escarpment] Nearby Falls

Jones Falls, Indian Falls and Keefer Falls are all in the Owen Sound area. Walters Falls is about 20km to the south east and Eugenia Falls is farther south.

Photo Gallery

April 2004

June 2002

In the Gorge, '02

Climbing the Falls

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