Indian Falls

April, 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: Owen Sound

Height: 45

Crest: 25

Water Source: Indian Creek

Waypoint: 44.62131N 80.95416W

Summary: This is another of the many waterfalls along the Niagara Escarpment. It is only a few minutes drive away from downtown Owen Sound, followed by a 15 minute walk along the river and through the woods to the falls themselves. Definitely worth visiting while in the area. If you like waterfalls, the Owen Sound area is worth a trip by itself.

Indian Falls is just outside of Owen Sound. This is another of the many waterfalls of the Niagara Escarpment.

The walk to the falls is about 1km. The trail first descends down to the river level and follows the river upstream through the woods. A wooden stairway takes you to the top of the gorge. The trail continues to the top of the falls. There are some steep sections. There used to be a barbed wire fence along the edge of the falls, but it has been mostly knocked down, so be careful.

If you are interested in photography, you will want to visit this falls earlier in the day. All the pictures on this page were taken in the late afternoon when the sun was behind the falls.

To reach the falls from Owen Sound head north on 2nd Ave. West. This is also known as Hwy 2 and the Eddie Sargent Parkway. The conservation area is on the left.

[Niagara Escarpment] Nearby Falls

Jones Falls, Inglis Falls, and Keefer Falls are also in the Owen Sound area. Walters Falls is a bit farther to the south east, and Eugenia Falls is about 50 km tot he south east.

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Indian Falls is in the Indian Falls Conversation Area. A nice description of nearby waterfalls can be found in Waterfalls of Grey County.

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