Indian Run Falls

May 2009

State: Ohio

Location: Dublin

Height: 20?

Crest: 10?

Water Source: Indian Run

Waypoint: 40.101911N 83.11947W

Summary: This is a small urban waterfall. It is not easy to get good views of it, and gorge access is apparently restricted. The nearby Hayden Falls is a much better waterfall.

Indian Run Falls is located in a city park in Dublin Ohio. This is a small urban waterfall, but the gorge is deep an interesting. Trails wind along the edge of the gorge, but access into the gorge is not permitted, which is a shame because it is the only place you could get a really good view of the waterfall. There is a bridge spanning the gorge below the falls, but it has been closed since at least May 2008.

There is a plunge falls that is about 15 feet high. Above that theres is a steep cascade about 10 high, and some smaller cascades above that. Unfortunately you cannot see much from the trails. Signs tell you to stay on the trails, but the locals do not seem to heed them. There are some pretty steep drops, so straying off the trail could be dangerous.

Dublin is just northwest of Columbus. To reach the falls take exit 17A and head east on US 33, aka Bridge Street. Take a left onto Shawan Falls Dr. The park will be on your right. I do not know why the road is called "Shawan Falls".

Indian Run Falls is visible on google maps. Oddly enough, the parking area for the park is not on the map.

I visited this falls in both early May of 2009, and late May of 2008. In 2009 the views from the platform on the west side of the falls had a much clearer view than in the previous year. I do not know if this because less foliage was out, it being a couple weeks earlier in the year, or if they had cleared out some of the trees blocking the view.


[Ohio] Nearby Falls

There are a number of small waterfalls in this part of Ohio. The more impressive Hayden Falls is less than 4 miles away. Clifton Gorge is about 50 miles to the west. Lyons Falls in Mohican State Park is 75 miles to the northeast.

Photo Gallery

Cascades above the plunge

Precarious view from the other side

May 2008, less water, more foliage.

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