Clifton Gorge

The Clifton Gorge Nature Preserve is located in south western Ohio near the town of Clifton. Here the Little Miami river races through a 40 foot deep rocky limestone gorge. The 269 acre preserve is adjacent to John Bryan State Park. There is a pair of trails that follow the rim of the gorge, and a trail through the gorge.

Just east of the preserve is the Clifton Mill. Here you can find a pretty, but man made waterfall, next to an historical mill. Upstream of the gorge part of the river has been diverted into a man made channel which spills into the gorge at the mill. This once powered the mill. The old waterwheel is still there, and a scenic wooden covered bridge. There are a couple of interesting very old buildings in the area also.

The Narrows Trail begins just west of the Mill and follows the rim of the gorge. The gorge is very narrow here, as the name implies, and the tree cover makes it hard to see much in many places. The river tumbles over the Falls of the Little Miami which is just a hard to see rapids.

View from the Covered Bridge

A couple streams fall into the north end of the gorge creating small waterfalls. Unfortunately the rim trail is on the north end and it is impossible to really see them. The southern side of the gorge is a scientific perserve that requires an access permit.

The gorge trail passes by a number of rapids and Amphitheatre Falls. Here a small stream plummets 25 feet or so into the gorge.

Amphitheatre Falls

Nearby Falls

The Little Miami River gorge is responsible for some other small falls, such as Charleston Falls, and the falls in Glen Helen Nature Preserve located just a couple miles to the east. The Hocking Hills area is about 2 hours to the east. Greenville Falls is roughly 60 miles to the west.

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