Hungarian Falls

Middle Falls, May 2016

State: Michigan

Location: Hubbell

Height: 20, 20, 50

Crest: 5-10

Water Source: Dover Creek

Waypoint: 47.3827778N 88.025W

Summary: Dover Creek tumbles overs a series of falls on its way down to Torch Lake. Two of the falls are around 20 feet high, and the last is a 50 foot drop, which is spectacular when the water is flowing. Unfortunately these falls are often nearly dry in the summer.

There are three falls 15 feet or higher on a half mile stretch of Dover Creek, plus a couple of smaller drops. In the spring time, or after some good rains, these waterfalls are very impressive. Unfortunately the creek has a very small watershed, and the falls are often reduced to trickles.

The three main drops are usually referred to as the upper, middle and lower falls. The upper falls is around 20 feet high. The water spills over an irreguarly shaped cliff into a small gorge.

Downstream of the upper falls is a dam and artificial lake. Below the dam are a couple of smaller drops, and the middle falls. The middle falls is also about 20 feet high, and is perhaps the most scenic in lower water. The cliff face here is smoother, and the water is not segmented the way it is at the upper falls. The middle falls is also the easiest to reach and there are plenty of good viewing spots.

Just downstream of the middle falls is the lower falls. This is a 50 foot drop over sheer cliff face. This is a frustrating waterfall. In low water conditions, the water is spread so thinly across the cliff that it is not especially scenic. It is also hard to get a clear view of the falls. You can get to the top of the falls fairly easily, but cannot see a whole lot. Getting into the gorge for a better view is difficult, especially when the water is flowing, as the ground is likely to be wet and snow and ice may still be present. But when the water is high, this is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Michigan.

Just downstream of the lower falls a side stream falls into the gorge. This stream carries even less water than Dover Creek and probably only has a significant amount of water during the spring melt, but it is significantly taller than the lower falls. It is a very impressive waterfall when the water is flowing, but seeing it is a real challenge, and best left to the young and foolish, or the old and foolisher.

The falls are easy to reach. From Route 26 in Hubbel turn west onto 6th street. A dirt road forks off of 6th street to the left. Take this road. It climbs up pretty steeply. Take the first left that you can, and this will lead you to a small parking area. A trail follows the gorge upstream to the falls. The middle falls is the easiest to reach. There are trails on both sides of the gorge, and a bridge crosses the creek between the middle and upper falls. Another bridge crosses the creek well downstream of all the falls. There is no real trail to the lower falls.

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

The 100 foot Houghton Falls is nearby but it is on private property, but the rumor is that it may soon be open to the public again. A number of other seasonal falls can be found in the area. To the north near the top of the Keweenaw you can find Haven Falls, Jacobs Falls, Eagle River Falls, Montreal Falls and others.

Photo Gallery

Upper Falls

Upper Falls

Middle Falls

Middle Falls

Lower Falls

Lower Falls

Brink of Lower Falls

Upper Falls, September 2009

Middle Falls, September 2009

Lower Falls, September 2009

Side Falls

Side Falls

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