Haven Falls

September 2009

State: Michigan

Location: Lac La Belle

Height: 20

Crest: 5-10

Water Source: Haven Creek

Waypoint: 47.3827778N 88.025W

Summary: A very scenic falls in a small county park. Very easy to visit, but rather remote. A nice stop if you happen to be visiting the eastern edge of the Keweeneaw Peninsula.

Haven Falls is a very scenic falls located in a small county park near the shores of Lac La Belle. This waterfall is very symetrical. Haven Falls is very similar looking to Jacob's Falls, but Haven Falls is considerably steeper. It is possible that there are more drops above Haven Falls just as the are additional drops about Jacob's Falls, but I did not explore.

Visiting this waterfall is very easy. It is visible from the road and the falls is only a few hundred feet from the parking area. There is a nice wide open area at the base of the falls providing plenty of nice views. The park has picnic tables and bathrooms.

Haven Falls is a bit out of the way. But then again, the entire Keewenaw peninsula is a bit out of the way. The park is on the north side of Lac la Belle Road on the north west shore of Lac la Belle. If you are heading south, you can follow Lac la Belle Road south and down the eastern side of the Keewenaw peninsula as an alternative to US 41. The eastern coast of the Keewenaw is very sparsely populated

[Lake Superior] Nearby Falls

It is about a 12 mile drive to Manganese Falls. Eagle River Falls is 16 miles away by car to the west in Eagle River. Bete Grise is just 3 miles away. From there you you can drive, canoe or kayak out to Montreal Falls, some 6 miles to the east. If you plan on driving, you will want a rugged vehicle, because the roads are rough, and you will still have to hike a couple of miles to see the falls.

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View from parking area

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