Montreal Falls

May 2016

State: Michigan

Location: Keewenaw Penisula, 6 miles east of Lac La Belle.

Height: 30, 15

Crest: 30

Water Source: Montreal River

Waypoint: 47.39229N 87.84658W

Summary: A pair of wild waterfalls along the Montreal River. The lower falls empties directly into Lake Superior. Reaching these falls requires travelling some rough roads and a 2 mile hike.

Montreal Falls is a pair waterfalls on the Montreal River on the shores of Lake Superior. The lower falls, a multi-tiered 20' drop that empties directly into Lake Superior. The upper falls, which is located about 1 mile upstream, is a steeper single drop, flanked by high cliffs.

Reaching this waterfall is a bit of an adventure. It is located in one of the more remote parts of Michigan. From Copper Harbor, head south on US 41, and take a left on to Lac La Belle Road. At 4.3 miles, bear left at the fork. After 3 miles, take a left on to Smith-Fisheries road. There was a sign for this road when I visited. If you reach Lake Superior, you have gone to far.

Here is where it gets interesting. Take a left on to Smith's Fisheries Road. This is a rough road, and probably not something you want to attempt in a regular car. It is about 5 and a half miles to the end. There are some side roads, but the main road is pretty obvious. There are some buildings at the end, presumably part of the fishery. There are plenty of places to park.

From here it is a mile hike to the falls. The trail starts out wide and level, but quickly turns into a rough, foot path. At times the trail is right up against the 10+ foot cliffs on the lake shore. Once you reach the lower falls, there is an obvious trail that follows the river upstream to the upper falls.

You can see the lower falls from a long way off. Unfortunately I did not get a distant photo because it was raining pretty heavily while we hiked out there. The rain did clear out eventually, but it still prevented me from getting as many photos as I wanted.

The lower falls is a popular campsite. When we visited there were a dozen folks out there.

Nearby Falls

There a number of waterfalls in the Keewenaw Penisula. Haven Falls is about 8 miles to the west. If you turn right at the fork on Lac La Belle road you will end up at Haven Falls. Manganese Falls up by Copper Harbor is only 5 miles away as the crow flies, but it is a much longer drive. Eagle River and Jacobs Falls are a 25 mile drive away, and Hungarian Falls is 40 miles away.

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Upper Falls

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