Healey Falls

May 2011

Province: Ontario

Location: Northumberland County

Height: 10m

Crest: 25m

Water Source: Trent River

Waypoint: 44.37603N 77.78124W

Summary: A big, wide, powerful falls on the Trent River. An easy one to visit.

Healey Falls is a wide falls on the Trent River, located in the settlement of the same name, about 10km north of Campbellford. The Trent River pours over a number of ledges with a total drop of 10 meters or more. The width of the falls is around 25m, although this will vary with water flow. A large dam sits at the crest of the falls, detracting considerably from the falls appearance. But when the water is flowing, this is an impressive and noisy falls.

The Trent River is part of the Trent-Severn Waterway. Locks 15, 16 and 17 take boats past the falls. The total lift of the three locks is 22m.

The falls can be accessed from a small dirt road along Route 50 on the north side of the river. The road leads to a small turn around and parking area next to the falls. There is much better signage for the Healey Falls locks on the south side of the river, but you cannot see the falls at all from the locks.

Nearby Falls

The smaller Ranney Falls is 10km downstream. Burleigh Falls is 60km to the north east. The far wilder High Falls of Eels Creek is a 40km drive, plus an hour long hike.

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