Cedar Falls

May 2005

State: Ohio

Location: Hocking Hills State Park

Height: 50

Crest: 5

Water Source: Queer Creek

Waypoint: 39.41944N 82.52361W

Summary: Cedar Falls is the most impressive and most reliable of the many waterfalls in Hocking Hills. The waterfall is one of most popular sites in the entire area.

Cedar Falls is in Hocking Hills State Park, located in south eastern Ohio. This is a impressive waterfall that looks much bigger in person than in pictures. The water slides down a massive chunk of sandstone, splits in the middle and then meets up again before plunging into a pool, creating a rather unique looking waterfall. There is a large rocky beach like area at the base of the falls where you can relax and enjoy the view.

There is a second seasonal falls that tumbles into the Queer Creek gorge. This was only a trickle in May and probably only has water in it during early Spring. Cedar Falls itself gets very thin in the summer and it does dry up at times.

Cedar Falls is easy to visit. The main parking area is off of SR 374 and is well signed. From here there is a trail that leads down into the gorge and back up to the falls. The trail forms a loop, leading back to the road a couple of hundred feet from the parking area. North of the main parking area, there is a dirt lot on the west side of SR 374. This is a trailhead for the Buckeye Trail. Following this trail to the left will take you down a flight a steps to the falls. If you are interested in a longer hike, you can follow the Buckeye Trail south three miles to Ash Cave, or north three miles to Old Man's Cave. There is also a 2 mile gorge trail from Cedar Falls to the Lower Falls in the Old Man's Cave area, considered by many to be the best hike in the park. This is a very scenic and secluded hike, with some interesting ups and downs, plenty of rocks, and several seasonal falls such as Whispering Falls.

Here is a short movie of Cedar Falls.

Nearby Falls

The Hocking Hill area is full of seasonal waterfalls. If you visit in early Spring you will likely find dozens of waterfalls. If you visit in late summer you might find none at all. The closest waterfalls can be found at Ash Cave and Old Man's Cave.

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