Ash Cave Falls

May 2005

State: Ohio

Location: Hocking Hills State Park

Height: 90

Crest: 5

Water Source: Tributary to Queer Creek

Waypoint: 39.398N 82.542W

Summary: The falls at Ash Cave only runs in the Spring. It plummets from the rim of the largest recess cave in the state.

Ash Cave Falls is in Hocking Hills State Park, located in south eastern Ohio. This waterfall only runs in the spring and is best seen early. April is probably the best time for a visit if you want to see the falls. In cold winters it freezes forming an ice column.

The falls plummets from the rim of Ash Cave, one of the highlights of Hocking Hills State Park. The horseshoe shaped recess cave is 700 feet long, 100 feet deep, and 90 feet high. Even if there is no water flowing it is an impressive site. The cave is so named because early settlers found huge piles of ash left behind by the Native Americans.

Ash Cave is easy to visit. The main parking area is off of SR 56 and is well signed. It is a five minute walk to the falls. The trail goes behind the falls and up to the brink. You can continue on the Grandma Gatewood trail, a segment of the Buckeye Trail, for 3 miles to reach Cedar Falls.

Nearby Falls

The Hocking Hill area is full of seasonal waterfalls. If you visit in early Spring you will likely find dozens of waterfalls. If you visit in late summer you might find none at all. The closest waterfalls can be found at Cedar Falls and Old Man's Cave.

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