Cascadilla Gorge

Cascadilla Falls August 28, 2003

State: New York

Location: Ithaca

Height: Several drops, two over 30'

Crest: varies

Water Source: Cascadilla Creek

Waypoint: 42.4432N 76.4858W

Summary: This is an urban waterfall scene that has a surprisingly wild feel. The half mile trail is definitely worth a visit, especially as part of a tour visiting many of the other waterfalls in the area.

Cascadilla Gorge is in Ithaca, running through Cornell's College Town. Despite being surrounded by roads and buildings, it still has something of a wild feel due to the depth and steepness of the gorge. There is a well maintained trail through the gorge. I only hiked the stretch from College Ave to Linn Street. I did not realize the trail continued to the east because you have to leave the gorge to cross College Ave..

There is a large fall right under College Ave. I believe this is Cascadilla Falls, which is listed at 50 feet. Just downstream is another fall of around 30 feet high. There are a couple other drops and small falls as well.

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Photo Gallery

Cascadilla Falls

The Lower Falls

A Falls Further Down

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