Hector Falls

June 2002

State: New York

Location: Schuyler County, north of Watkins Glen

Height: 165

Crest: 25

Water Source: Hectors Falls Creek

Waypoint: 42.41778N 76.86556W

Summary: This is a roadside fall, and easy to visit. A good stop between Watkins Glen (which it is only minutes away from) and Taughannock Falls.

Hector Falls is a road side falls. From Watkins Glen, go north/east on 414 to the 414 and 79 interestion. Go north on 414 for 2 miles. A bridge crosses right in front of the falls. You can park past the bridge.

You can walk on the bridge to see the falls, but be careful. There is lots of traffic on the road, and it comes barrelling down a hill and around a curve before reaching the bridge.

There are two main drops to Hector Falls. The first drop is visible from the bridge and is about 50 feet high. You can climb down to the base of the falls on the east side of the bridge. The other drop (not shown) is on the west side of the bridge and is on private property.

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