Cascade River Falls

May 2017

State: Minnesota

Location: Lake County

Height: Many drops, largest is 30'

Crest: 15

Water Source: Cascade River

Waypoint: 47.70861N 91.52389W

Summary: The Cascade River features a number of cascades and falls on its last quarter mile before entering Lake Superior. The trails of Cascade River State Park take you past four falls. More falls can be found much farther upstream on the Superior Hiking Trail.

The Cascade River is aptly named. There are a large number of drops of varying sizes on its 17 mile course. It drops 900 feet in its final 3 miles, and there are 4 significant drops in the final quarter mile, all located in Cascade River State Park. In addition to the waterfalls, the narrow, twisted rocky gorge carved out by the river is fascinating.

The easiest way to visit the falls is to park at the parking area on Highway 61 at the mouth of the river. From here you can hike up either the east or west side of the river. A foot bridge crosses the river a quarter mile up, so you can make a loop of it. The lowest drop, which is also the largest, and may be the official "Cascade Falls", is only visible from the west side. The next two drops are right on top of each other. The second drop is not easily seen from either side of the river. The third drop is best seen from the east side. At the foot bridge there is a series of drops called the "Cascades". These are smaller drops, but maybe the most scenic.

There are number of other falls farther upstream on the Cascade River, which can be seen from the Lake Superior Hiking trail. It is a 7.2 mile loop trail. The views are said to be better from the west side.

I visited the falls late on a rainy day. A mist was rolling in from the lake which made things very atmospheric, but was not the greatest for good photos of the lowest falls.

[North Shore] Nearby Falls

There are a lot waterfalls along Minnesota's north shore. North of Cascace River you will find Devil's Kettle Falls, the High Falls of the Pigeon River, plus several others. To the south you will encounter the Temperance River Gorge, Cross River Falls, Caribou Falls plus a whole bunch more.

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Third to last drop

Third to last drop

Second to last drop

Second to last drop

Misty last drop

Last drop

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