Bridal Veil Falls

July 2004

Province: Ontario

Location: Manitoulin Island

Height: 35

Crest: 20

Water Source: Kagawong River

Waypoint: 45.90048N 82.25651W

Summary: Easy to visit and very scenic. The Island itself is an interesting place to spend some time, and this waterfall is one of the highlights. One of the Lake Huron Waterfalls.

Bridal Veil Falls is on Manitoulin Island. It is actually another Niagara Escarpment waterfall. The waterfall is easy to find, and easy to visit. It is in a small park just off of Hwy 540 in Kagawong, about 34 km from the bridge to Manitoulin.

There is a nice steel stairway that leads down into the gorge and also provides some nices views of the falls. You can walk around the falls if you wish. The river splits just above the falls, forming a twin falls here, although one twin is much bigger than the other. There is a fish and chips stand across the street in case you get hungry. The falls appears to be one of the more popular attractions on the island.

Nearby Falls

High Falls is also on the island. Whitefish Falls and Chutes Provincial Park are nearby on the mainland.

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